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National Substance Abuse Professionals Network

Introduction to Application Process for SAP Providers:

National Substance Abuse Professionals Network (NSAPN) maintains a national and an international network of SAP providers-many of whom have a long-term working relationship with National SAP Network.  As you are aware 49 CFR Part 40 requires that all SAPs must be able to document through a certificate that they have satisfactorily passed the training examination by no later than December 31, 2003, in order to perform SAP work for DOT SAP referrals.  NSAPN offers this participation to SAP providers who meet all the necessary requirements of 49 CFR Part 40 as delineated on the accompanying form entitled Confirmation of SAP Qualifications.

NSAPN is inviting qualified SAPs to join our network where the process is simple and straight-forward.  Belonging to NSAPN has a number of advantages: you will be able to receive both non-regulated and DOT client evaluation referrals, to enhance and broaden your referral base, to implement a set of clinically-based evaluation procedures which are straight-forward--thorough and non-complex; you will be supported by a team of experts who manage the coordination, monitoring, and communication tasks required in administering the case while providing you with the necessary information and the assurance of educational tools to meet the expectations of 49 CFR Part 40 for DOT-related cases.  NSAPN maintains a systematic process which serves to facilitate all parties in meeting the expectations set for program compliance.


  1. To obtain the most recent Membership Packet please call NSAPN at 1-800-879-6428 which includes the five (5) application forms: the Application, the Membership Agreement, the Confirmation of SAP Qualifications, the Education & Training documentation page, and the W-9 Federal tax ID Form.

    The Membership Packet includes the following forms, to be completed and returned to NSAPN:
    a provider application form which needs to be completed by the provider,
    a provider Membership Agreement which needs to be returned signed by the provider,
    a Confirmation of SAP Qualifications for SAP work,
    a form entitled Education & Training, which details the knowledge and clinical experience in the diagnosis and the treatment of alcohol and controlled substances-related disorders (this page may need to be replicated for additional copies in order to record education and training).
    a tax ID W-9 form to be completed by the provider indicating the name and type of entity to be paid along with the tax ID number,

  2. Complete each form thoroughly with accurate, current information and the appropriate signatures as instructed and return the completed and signed forms to NSAPN.

  3. Along with the completed forms, you will need to forward or send:
    a copy of current licensure(s) and/or certification(s) as a clinical professional,
    a copy of current professional liability/malpractice insurance policy (which should state your name on the policy) and a certificate of insurance,
    a copy of current general liability insurance policy for each location where clients are evaluated,
    a copy of current resume and/or curriculum vitae,
    a copy of certification of satisfactory completion of SAP qualification Training/Examination (Due on request after December 31, 2003)

  4. Please note that the following membership packet also includes a sample copy of the case service agreement-not to be submitted at the time when you choose to submit your membership documents but to be implemented at the time of each assigned case-so that the expectations of the SAP role are well-understood.

  5. If you have any questions or need further information, please call NSAPN at 1-800-879-6428.  We are looking forward to working with you as a provider in this network.

  6. The Application Packet of completed forms, required insurance certificate(s) and credential information may be submitted to NSAPN by any of the following methods:

MAIL to:  National SAP Network
1481 Ford Street, Suite 202
Redlands, CA 92373

E-Mail to:

Fax to: (909) 307-3246




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